TriCon Emergency Management Systems

During hurricanes Katrina and Rita, hundreds of pre-recruited Medical Reserve Corps and spontaneous volunteers were processed, trained and supported using an integrated platform solution. It's called the Volunteer Management System (VMS).

A breakthrough application of web-based technology from Emergency Services integrators (ESi) puts integrated information management within the budget of any emergency operations center. Technology developed for the federal government has been redefined for commercial use. The purchase of a PC with a modem and an overhead display device, and a minimal investment in software allow the smallest agency to harness the power of the Internet. This results in secure, real-time access to state and national weather trends, satellite images, mapping information, details of operations in other jurisdictions, local, regional and even national resource status and other data vital to the efficient management of any contingency (even if the jurisdiction hasn't invested in any of the sources of these data).

PHIMS is a web based comprehensive information management system that is specific to the needs of the public health community. It allows total interoperability in a secure web based platform for the permitted sharing and management of critical information across all public health agencies - county, state and federal.